Frequently asked questions

Why do your boots cost so much?

They are produced by a single craftsman, on a very small scale (one or two at a time), in Vancouver. They are not made in large batches in a factory in Portugal at the request of a businessperson. In fact, they cost a lot less than other similarly handmade boots. And they are actually produced like the rugged North American boots of the good old days, or like the heritage brands of today. They are the only vegan equivalent to Wesco, White's, Chippewa, etc...

What are your boots made of?

The upper section is made of a microfibre produced in Italy as a substitute for leather. The material is made specifically for footwear uppers and is very durable, unlike the "pleather" and naugahyde products of the past. The soling material is composition/rubber that is free of any animal derived materials (rubber generally contains animal derived stearic acid).

Which soles are available?

As Vibram's outsoles are vegan, I am happy to use a variety of their soles. Typical choices are Vibram 700 V-bar full-soles or half-soles, 430 mini-lug full-soles or half-soles, and 4014 Christy soles. Let me know if you have a special request!

Do you make women's boots?

No, not yet, although I consider my current offerings to be unisex, in the sense that Doc Marten's are unisex. However, I plan on introducing a packer-style boot, which will be more "lady-like," in the near future.

Are your boots made-to-measure?

No, they are made-to-order. If I ask for your measurements, it is simply so that we can make the best choice from my available sizing options. The boots will not be custom made according to your measurements. Current build time is 3-4 weeks.